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Dental Implants Or Dentures? Which One Is Right For Me?

  When you lose teeth, you want them replaced soon. How to replace them can be a tricky decision! With the high cost of dental work, it's important to educate yourself on the options available. Let's take a look at the differences between dental implants and dentures. Implants A dental implant is a ...

July 01, 2018
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Same Day Dentures?

As modern dentists our goal is for you to keep your teeth for a lifetime.  The reality, however, is that not everyone can.  That’s when a denture specialist (prosthodontist) can help. It is very possible for most people to have dentures placed at the same appointment that teeth are removed. The bigg...

December 27, 2016
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From Your Denture Specialist in Gettysburg

What's the Difference Between Dentures? Sometimes we don't realize how much we rely on a body part until we lose it. We look at things at every moment throughout the day, rarely thinking about our eyes that allow us to do that. We use our hands and fingers to work, to write, to remove jar lids, to t...

March 13, 2016
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New Denture Technology

  There is nothing like your natural teeth.  That’s why, as dentists, we encourage you to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.  Sometimes, however, due to decay or trauma or periodontal disease, that’s just not possible.  When most people think about dentures, they visualize the ill-fitting ones ...

July 22, 2015
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George Washington and His Denture Woes

Poor George Washington had bad teeth. They were often blamed for the shortest speech ever given by a President—just 135 words and a mere 90 seconds to deliver it. The outstanding commander of the Continental Army and the first president of the United States was often perceived as boring, stiff-jawed...

January 09, 2014
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