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Caryn J. CarrIt is a pleasure to be able to offer this testimonial for Dr. Samuels and his wonderful staff. What a pleasure it is to visit the dentist. Dr. Samuels and staff are professional and treat you like a member of the family. Even though I live 25 miles away I choose this practice for all my dental needs.

My teeth have embarrased me since I was a child. At the age of 52 while watching a commercial on TV about Lumineers, I decided to visit Dr. Samuels and see if this would be a solution for me.

What a difference! I am now able to smile for photographs without embarrassment, and have more confidence when speaking and singing in public.

My friends ask, have you lost weight, changed your hair, they see a difference but my new smile is so natural it is not the first thing they notice. I look years younger and have more self-confidence.

My only regret is that I did not have this work done years ago.

Caryn J. Carr

Dolores Beebe My experience with the whole procedure was very comfortable thanks to Dr. Samuels' gentle approach, and the friendly competence of his staff. I'm thrilled with the improved appearance of my teeth. It's wonderful to be able to smile with confidence, and even to wear a white blouse without being self-conscious. The veneers and crowns are perfectly shaped and shaded just for me, so I'm truly convinced there's artistry behind Dr. Samuels' "dental arts!"

Thank You !

Dolores Beebe

Dana AllenderMy experience at Samuels Dental Arts was amazing. Like most people, I was always afraid of the dentist, but Dr. Samuels made me feel so comfortable. The staff made me completely relaxed, which allowed me to trust them with a whole new smile. A smile can say a million words. A smile can brighten anyone's day and give anyone self-confidence. It is such a life-changing experience and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I recommend them to everyone who thinks a smile is as important as I do. Thank you everyone at Samuels Dental Arts.

Dana Allender

As a professional engineer and a father I have handled many difficult situations in my business life and in my home. However, one difficult issue that I have never handled well was my dental care. I had some very bad experiences as a teenager going to a dentist that did not use novocaine. Then early in my 20's I went through the four appointments for a root canal procedure only to have the tooth get infected within 3 months and had to have the tooth pulled. Therefore, my answer to my dental issues was to ignore them. After 25 years of neglecting the dentist, even though I brushed and flossed regularly, my teeth needed major work. I could not imagine going to a dentist every week for 6 months to get my teeth fixed. I investigated "sleep dentistry" and found Samuels Dental Arts and Dr. Peter Samuels. I was not sure what to expect but I knew the news about my teeth would not be good. I was right, my teeth needed major work. But Dr. Samuels explained what needed to be done and how he would accomplish the work in four appointments spread out over whatever time frame fit my schedule. The key for me to get my dental work done was "sleep dentistry" that would allow Dr. Samuels to accomplish significant portions of my dental repair and with little or no pain to me. I was skeptical and apprehensive, but I knew I needed to to get the work done. Now, three years later I can look back and realize my decision to move forward with the dental work under Dr. Samuels was the best decision I could have made for my dental health. This is the best my teeth have felt in 30 years: no pain, no avoiding one side of my mouth when eating and no fear that I was going to have a major tooth problem while on vacation or traveling for business.

I have had three sessions of "sleep dentistry" over a three year period and each one was handled in a very professional and very safe manner. Every staff member, knowing my fear of dental work, made my visits relaxing without making me feel embarrassed. I was shown the work that needed to be done, how the procedure would be handled at each step of the process and the cost to get the work done. When I arrived for each appointment of "sleep dentistry", the staff reviewed what was going to happen while I was under anesthesia. The procedure was absolutely painless, except for the momentary sting at the insertion of the IV needle. In just three appointments I had 30 years of dental neglect fixed and my teeth restored to full usefulness.

Dr. Peter Samuels is a true professional. I am very thankful that he is one of very few dentists that realize that "sleep dentistry", though not for everyone, is a blessing to those of us that need major dental work but avoid them because of the fear of dental procedures. I could not have been treated with more respect and have always felt that when I am in his office, each member of his staff has treated me like I am the most important patient they have that day. The fresh cookies and freshly brewed tea are also a very nice touch!

I would recommend, and have recommended without reservation, Samuels Dental Arts and Dr. Peter Samuels for anyone's dental work, whether with or without "sleep dentistry".

Thank you all...you've made a very positive impact on my life and I am very grateful.

Mark R. Alt, PE