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Gettysburg Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Options For Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted by Peter Samuels on September 14, 2013 3:32:00 PM EDT

Gettysburg Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Options For Cosmetic Dentistry | Samuels Dental Arts PC

You may be under the impression that all cosmetic dentistry involves time-consuming, expensive, and painful procedures just so your teeth can look good. In fact, several options are available at different price and convenience

Teeth whitening treats colored or stained teeth so they become whiter. This is the least intrusive option and can be done at home with kits you can buy over the counter. In-office dental whitening and professional, custom, take home whitening using custom, fabricated teeth bleaching trays is far more effective because it can use stronger agents while protecting sensitive areas of the mouth, such as the gums.

Fillings are arguably the most familiar of the cosmetic methods because many individuals have had cavities filled as a protective measure when they were still schoolchildren. Fillings can also repair rough spots and chips with resins or porcelain materials that can be colored to look like natural teeth. They bond directly to the enamel and dentin, adding further protection.  Modern, cosmetically oriented dentists have the ability to artistically bond composite fillings to Front or back teeth making the fillings almost invisible.

Crowns cover broken, cracked or decayed teeth to prevent further damage in the future which can involve extensive procedures, time, and expense. In the past, such crowns were made out of gold for better durability at the expense of aesthetics. Modern crowns can often be pure ceramic. They provide strength and durability, and are indistinguishable from natural teeth even when used in the front of the mouth. 

Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain artistically designed and custom made for your individual teeth.  They can be bonded to the outside surface of front teeth to produce the gorgeous, white smile you have always wanted.

Rather than trying to decide on your own which of these options is preferable for your appearance, why not contact us for an appointment? We can thoroughly diagnose your problem and recommend options that are not only effective but also fit your time and budget constraints. As unrestricted dental providers, Dr. Samuels and Dr. Berger are able to provide the right dental solution using the most cosmetic dental materials available without worrying about the restrictions of your dental insurance companies.

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