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Is IV Sedation Dentistry Available for Anyone?

Posted by Peter Samuels on May 7, 2019 9:00:00 AM EDT

Is IV Sedation Dentistry Available for Anyone?

IV sedation dentistry can be helpful for a wide variety of people. Patients who used IV sedation commonly include those who are anxious, those with a previous negative experience at the dentist, and those who do not respond well to other types of sedation. IV sedation dentistry is available to anyone who falls into one of these categories. It can minimize anxiety and allow patients to get the dental care they need without experiencing emotional distress.

People who experience anxiety

There are a number of reasons people experience anxiety at the thought of going to the dentist. In the US, there are 42 million adults who have some type of anxiety disorder. They can experience anxiety in any area of life and that includes going to the dentist. The sights, sounds, and smell of the dentist’s office can be too much for an anxious patient to handle. In these situations the anxiety may not be related to any type of negative experience at the dentist. Fear of pain and fear of losing control are two potential sources of anxiety for some patients. IV sedation dentistry can be extremely helpful for people who experience anxiety. It can help them feel relaxed during the appointment, make time seem to fly, and minimize the memories of the entire experience.

People with a previous negative experience at the dentist

One negative experience at the dentist is sometimes enough to keep people fearful for the rest of their lives. This is especially true if the negative experience was from childhood. Experiencing extreme pain at the dentist or being forced into procedures as a child can cause the dentist’s office to be an anxiety provoking place. IV sedation can help patients feel calm during their appointment and prevent them from feeling anxious. Patients will not experience the uncomfortable feeling of being out of control while under IV sedation.  There is nothing patients can do to go back and rewrite a negative experience in the past but IV sedation dentistry can help create a new experience going forward.

People who do not respond well to other types of sedation

There are a number of sedation options available for patients who need dental work ranging from mild to deep. Inhaling or taking a sedative orally is an example of mild sedation. IV anesthesia can be described as moderate to deep sedation depending on the situation. Each person can react slightly differently to the various types of sedation. For some patients, ‘laughing gas’ can create enough calm to make it through the necessary dental procedures. But others require a higher level of intervention to have the desired results. IV sedation is a viable option for patients who do not do well with other types of sedation.

IV sedation dentistry is available to any adult that needs it. If you think IV sedation dentistry may be the best option for you, set up a consultation to talk to a dentist that offers it. This could be the answer to overcoming whatever is holding you back from getting the dental care you need.

Peter J Samuels DDS is a local Gettysburg dentist and a clinical instructor at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

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