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Resolve to Take Better Care of Your Teeth

Posted by Julie Berger on December 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM EST

Resolve to Take Better Care of Your Teeth | Samuels Dental ArtsAs this year comes to a close and the next one ushers in, there are plenty of worthwhile resolutions that you can make. The New Year is a popular time to set goals related to health and fitness. Did you know that your oral health is part of your overall health? The condition of your oral health can have a big impact on your overall health. If you are setting out on a journey of improved health this New Year, be sure and include your oral health in your resolutions. Resolve to take better care of your teeth by eating a balanced diet, flossing and brushing regularly, and keeping up with routine visits to your dentist.

Eat a balanced diet

Your physical and oral health go hand in hand. The quality of your diet can impact the strength of your teeth, the bacteria in your mouth, and your susceptibility to decay. Eating the wrong foods can stain your teeth and weaken your enamel. Eating a diet of healthy, natural food can improve your oral health from the inside out by providing you with the nutrients that your teeth need to remain healthy.

Floss and brush regularly

It is no secret that flossing and brushing are both essential to optimal oral health. It is also no secret that many people struggle to maintain these habits at the optimal level – especially flossing. If you only floss occasionally, resolving to turn it into a consistent habit can make a big difference in the health of your teeth and gums. Skipping out on brushing either in the morning or evening can leave your teeth vulnerable to decay and your gums vulnerable to disease. It can be tempting to skip one or both of these tasks when all you want to do is fall into bed. But you risk developing issues that can lead to pain, tooth discoloration, and extra time at the dentist. Resolve to make these habits non-negotiable this year in order to take better care of your teeth.

Keep up with routine visits to your dentist

Scheduling and then going to your routine dental appointments is a worthwhile goal for the New Year. These appointments only have to happen a couple times per year which makes it easy to let them slip your mind. Excellent oral health cannot occur without the help of your dentist. Issues can arise even if you eat a perfectly balanced diet and always remember to floss. Plaque can harden into tartar and your gums can develop disease. Both of those issues can be easily handled with routine dental visits. Seeing your dentist on the recommended schedule will allow you to stay ahead of any potential problems.

If you are making New Year’s resolutions in regard to your health, don’t forget to include your teeth and overall oral health. Resolve to take better care of your teeth from now on by adjusting your diet, tightening up your oral care routine, and making it to your routine dental visits.

Julie C Berger, DDS, MA, FACP is a local Gettysburg dentist and a board certified prosthodontist specialist. She is a former full time instructor at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

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