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Top Three Benefits of Using IV Sedation Anesthesia at the Dentist

Posted by Peter Samuels on October 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM EDT

Top Three Benefits of Using IV Sedation Anesthesia at the Dentist | Samuels Dental ArtsIV anesthesia is a sedation option offered in some dental offices. In order to offer IV sedation, a dental practice must have an anesthesiologist who can be on site to administer and monitor the anesthesia. You cannot find this option in every dental office but for some people it is worth the trouble to seek out a dentist who offers IV sedation anesthesia. IV sedation offers some unique benefits to patients who struggle with anxiety while at the dentist, need extensive dental work, or find themselves avoiding the dentist completely. 

Control your anxiety while you are at the dentist

IV sedation anesthesia can help you control your anxiety while you are at the dentist. If you experience severe anxiety every time you go to the dentist IV sedation can help you relax. This type of anesthesia can calm you down and help you remain that way throughout your appointment. IV sedation is different than general anesthesia because you are still awake and able to respond to basic commands. The anesthesiologist will monitor your sedation level and increase it or reduce it based on how you are doing during the appointment. If you are concerned at all about the level of anxiety you experience at the dentist then you could benefit from using IV sedation anesthesia at your next appointment. 

Catch up on years’ worth of dental work

Another benefit of using IV sedation anesthesia is that it can allow you to catch up on years’ worth of dental work in a few visits. Your dentist can complete several procedures in one appointment when you are using IV sedation anesthesia. The anesthesiologist can adjust your sedation as needed and monitor the amount of time you spend under anesthesia. IV sedation can help you get a problem fixed in one or two visits that would normally take several visits to address.

Improve your chances of returning to the dentist in the future

Dental anxiety is one of the main reasons that people avoid going to the dentist. Avoiding the dentist for an extended period of time can lead to serious problems with your teeth and overall oral health. Using IV sedation anesthesia during an appointment can improve your chances of returning to the dentist in the future. Once you experience IV sedation anesthesia, your level of anxiety about the dentist may begin to lessen.

The benefits of IV sedation anesthesia can help you minimize your emotional distress while at the dentist, make it possible for you to get an extensive about of dental work completed, and help you get back on track with your routine dental care. If you have questions about IV sedation anesthesia feel free to contact Samuels Dental Arts to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.


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