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How to Determine if You Need Teeth Whitening, Veneers, or Porcelain Crowns

There are many solutions out there to help you get a whiter and brighter smile. You can find products in the local grocery store to help you remove surface-level stains. But if you have stubborn stains on your teeth that do not respond to DIY methods you may have to consider other options in order t...

September 17, 2019
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Cosmetic Dentistry 101: What is It and is It Right for You?

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile there are a number of dental procedures that can make a big difference. Any type of dental procedure that impacts the way that your smile looks can be put under the broad category of ‘cosmetic dentistry.’ If cosmetic dentistry makes you think of teeth w...

September 12, 2019
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Which Cosmetic Dental Procedure is Right for Me?

There are a variety of cosmetic dental procedures available, from teeth whitening to dental implants. With such a broad range of options, how do you decide which cosmetic dental procedure is right for you? You can find the answer to that question by answering a few other questions about the current ...

September 10, 2019
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5 Cosmetic Dental Procedures that Will Give You a Brighter Smile

Any dental procedure that has an impact on the way that your teeth look can be considered a cosmetic procedure. If you are trying to get a brighter smile there are a number of cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve that goal. These procedures range from simple to extensive and have the potent...

September 03, 2019
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What Should I Do if I Chip a Tooth?

The condition of your teeth can have a significant impact on your daily life. If you practice proper oral hygiene and keep up with your routine dental visits then you likely enjoy a healthy mouth and teeth. But, an injury to one or more of your teeth can quickly change how you feel about the conditi...

July 30, 2019
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