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Gettysburg Dentist Talks About Fun Dental History Facts!

The history of dentistry has been an interesting one. Did you know there is recorded evidence that people were concerned with the appearance and health of their teeth dating back over 4,000 years ago? And toothbrushes existed before 600AD? Exploring the intriguing history surrounding the dental arts...

November 21, 2013
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Considering a Sedation Dentist?

  If you are like many Americans, just the word "dentist" can send shivers down your spine. New innovation and technology has made dentistry less invasive and easier to handle than ever before. Choosing a sedation dentist can help you face your fears and finally have that dental work you have been p...

November 10, 2013
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Gettysburg Dentist Discusses The Benefits of Cerec Porcelain Onlays

There are several techniques and  materials that a Gettysburg dentist may use to restore teeth. Composite resin is usefull if the cavity isn't too big.  Crowns made of porcelain, metal, or a combination can hold a tooth together when the cavity is very large.  Porcelain onlays made by a Cerec machin...

November 05, 2013
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Gettysburg Dentist Warns Against Gum Disease

Gum disease, more medically known as periodontal disease, is an infection that destroys the gums and the bone that supports your teeth. It can affect one or more teeth, removing bone without you knowing until it's too late. The primary cause is plaque, a colorless film that forms all the time around...

October 03, 2013
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Gettysburg Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Options For Cosmetic Dentistry

You may be under the impression that all cosmetic dentistry involves time-consuming, expensive, and painful procedures just so your teeth can look good. In fact, several options are available at different price and convenience levels. Teeth whitening treats colored or stained teeth so they become wh...

September 14, 2013
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