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How is Nitrous Oxide Different from IV Sedation Anesthesia?

Two of the options patients have for sedation at the dentist include nitrous oxide and IV sedation anesthesia. These two options help different types of patients deal with varying levels of dental anxiety. In order to decide which is the best option for you, you need to learn how each one works as w...

October 08, 2019
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Top Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation dentistry can provide a number of benefits to dental patients. This type of anesthesia can minimize the fear and anxiety you experience at the dentist, allow for a large amount of dental work to be completed in fewer visits, and improve your opinion of going to the dentist over time. If ...

September 24, 2019
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The Two Types of Dental Patients Who Benefit the Most from IV Sedation

IV sedation is an anesthesia option that some dentists offer in-office. An anesthesiologist provides patients with the appropriate type and level of anesthesia throughout a variety of dental procedures. There are two types of dental patients who benefit the most from IV sedation including those who ...

September 19, 2019
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Top 3 Reasons Someone Should consider IV Sedation Anesthesia

IV sedation anesthesia is an option that some dentists offer to their patients. Who is this type of anesthesia designed for? There are a number of reasons why a person may need or choose IV sedation anesthesia. If someone has anxiety during dental visits or completely avoids the dentist due to fear ...

August 01, 2019
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Is IV Sedation Anesthesia an Option with Cosmetic Procedures?

IV sedation is a type of anesthesia offered at select dental practices. This type of sedation is administered intravenously and monitored in office by an anesthesiologist. During IV sedation, patients maintain a certain level of consciousness which allows them to respond to questions or commands if ...

July 16, 2019
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