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Cash For Candy at Samuels Dental Arts, P.C.

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Trade Your Candy For Something Better...CASH!

The dentists at Samuels Dental Arts P.C. are putting their money where your children’s mouths are! It is well known that too much candy can lead to uncomfortable dental problems. Local Gettysburg dental practice, Samuels Dental Arts P.C., is doing something about it and contributing to the American Diabetes Association for Halloween candy brought in to their office by local children ages 12 and under.

For every pound of Halloween candy that children bring in, they will receive $1. For every child who brings in at least one pound, Samuels Dental Arts P.C. will donate $25 to the American Diabetes Association!

Samuels Dental Arts P.C. is calling this event “Cash for Candy”. It begins the Monday after Halloween and lasts until Thursday, November 4th! No appointment necessary! Your children are encouraged to simply walk into Samuels Dental Arts P.C. between 7:00am and 7:00pm November 5-7th and 13-15th. All donated candy will be sent to the U.S. troops overseas and local Veteran’s Hospitals.

Samuels Dental Arts P.C. has dedicated itself to providing patients with the finest that today’s advanced dentistry has to offer. In addition to the latest state-of-the-art sterilization equipment, the full-service, one-location dental office features the newest diagnostic approaches that allow patients to be cared for more comfortably and efficiently.

Cash for Candy Program | Samuels Dental Arts, P.C.
Cash for Candy Program | Samuels Dental Arts, P.C.

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