Want white teeth? You've come to the right place!

A beautiful white smile makes a great first impression.  You can laugh, smile, and meet new people with confidence.  An investment in your smile will pay for itself.  People with great smiles are often more successful in business, get better paying jobs and promotions, and are more sucessful socially.

What are the Options?

Teeth can be covered with veneers.  This is a great option, but it can cost six to ten thousand or more. 

Teeth can be whitened.

What are the whitening options?

There are cheap drug store whitening kits.  The bleaching concentration is limited and the results can be disappointing. Kind of like do it yourself hair treatment versus what you get from a professional.  

There are one visit, in office whitening systems activated with a light.  Personally, I haven't found these to be very affective and, although I have the equipment, I no longer recommend them.

What's the best tooth whitening method?

I have recently begun offering Opalesence, tooth whitening system, and find it to be the most effective technique out there. have never seen such results with any other technique I have tried.

What are my options?

With Opalescence®, there are three amazing options that are able to fit any busy lifestyle. The most dramatic whitening can be done in office with Opalescence® Boost PF. The whitening is done in-office and the results only take one hour. The second option is Opalescence® PF, which is a take-home system with custom trays. There are several different strengths and flavors that you can take home, so you can whiten anytime you wish outside of the dental office. Finally, there is Opalescence® GO, which is prefilled disposable trays. There's little mess and you only need to wear them for 15-30 minutes!

How much does it cost?

We believe everyone should be able to afford the teeth they aspire to have, so we have drastically marked down our whitening products. Don't hesistate to call our office to inquire about these brand-new whitening systems!

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